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  • Starter

    Automated sales data to start your business on the right foot.

    100 Orders/mo
    1 Sales channel


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  • Growth

    A solid foundation for efficient growth on both stores and marketplaces.

    1,000 Orders/mo
    Square Location + 2 Sales channels


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  • Standard

    Streamlined operations to improve margins across your business.

    3,000 Orders/mo
    Square Location + 4 Sales channels


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Revenue Tracking

Post all orders, revenue, expenses, and sales tax to accounting


Sync order data automatically

Order Tracking

Easily search, sort, and review orders across all channels

Expense Tracking

Record all marketplace fees, payment fees, and shipping costs into accounting

Reports & Analytics

Get Insights on the performance of sales channels, products, customers, and more

Inventory Sync

Keep inventory in sync with your accounting system across all sales channels

Advanced Inventory

Manage inventory of bundles and kits